How To Sell or Buy

How to sell / buy

User A = Seller | User Z = Buyer | GamerzHub = Us

  1. User A wants to sell Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation 4) for $ 50 and create a listing with PayPal payment enabled.
  2. User Z wants to buy this game and send an offer to User A ( Notification send to User A)
  3. User A accept this offer and open the payment to User Z. ( Notification send to User Z)
  4. User Z send $ 50 to GamerzHub. ( Notification send to User A)  - Refer Diagram 1
  5. User A is now able to send the game to User Z.
  6. User Z receive the game and close the offer by rating User A.
  7. GamerzHub release the money to User A's available balance (approx- 7 working days).

Diagram 1

If any problems occur, the admin can refund or release the money BEFORE the buyer close the offer and release it automatically!